Your Food, Your Medicine


Herbal therapy remains unique as the original form of therapy known to man.

Civilization and modernization strive to erase the traditional methods known to man for sustaining health.

The emergence of side effects resulting from the intake of chemicals has made the human population rethink and reengage those methods that sustained the ancestors of man who were known to live longer lives.

Herbal therapy emphasizes and encourages the recipients to take herbs regularly and avert the occurrence of diseases, rather than await the occurrence of a disease condition before treatment.

Natural remedies have minimal side effects (if any) and can be accessed much more easily than modern forms of treatment and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

To avoid the loss of working hours from common illnesses; more people are investing in natural therapies. Natural therapy utilizes nutrition as a medium for delivering the desired benefit to the individual.

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Ifechukwude Farms Ltd. is an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the human population and the environment where he thrives.

In collaboration with other organizations local and international, IFL identified specific herbs that contribute to enhancing human health.

Choice herbs with health supporting properties have been selected and combined to produce Dibandu Herbal Tea (DHT). DHT harnesses the essential health-giving properties of the constituent herbal plants. The combination has been blended to provide a peculiar flavour unique to these African Herbs.

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Herbs Present in DHT

1.Gongronema latifolium (Utazi in Igbo; Arokeke/Madumaro in Yoruba and; Ayoyo In Hausa);

2.Piper guineense (Uziza in Igbo; Iyere in Yoruba and; Shuwaka in Hausa)

3.Moringa oleifera (Okochi egbu/Ikwa oyibo in Igbo; Ewe igbale/Idagbo monoye in Yoruba and; Zogale in Hausa)

4.Xylopia aethiopica (Uda in Igbo; Eeru/Erunje in Yoruba; and Chimba in Hausa).

DHT was developed to promote and enhance the administration of beneficial herbal constituents through tea and meals.

By presenting DHT as tea and as a food additive, it becomes more convenient to harness the benefits of the phytonutrients from herbs.

Benefits of Herbal Therapy

Many people have made taking tea a habit and the presence of Mai-Shai is a common feature in most towns in Nigeria.

Every plant has nutritional, medicinal and esoteric value.

Herbal therapy is easy to prepare in homes and can be a very cheap means of ensuring a healthy life for consumers who learn to take their medicine as their food.

Research findings show that the advantages of tea consumption range from improving low energy levels to improving health conditions and reducing the risk of the occurrence of cancers (

The composition of Dibandu Herbal Tea was intentionally aimed at utilizing those herbs whose benefits are already known.

Dibandu Herbals

Dibandu Herbals is an initiative driven by Ifechukwude Farms Limited in appreciation of the abundant resources in Nature and their benefits for healthy existence.

By depending on Nature, our forbears lived healthy and long lives, deriving their nutrients and energy from the source of all beings.

With the contribution of science over the years to the development of medical technology, many useful achievements have been recorded.

In Dibandu Herbals we appreciate the benefits offered by both systems and work towards proper integration of the two systems to harness the greater benefits of wholesome wellness for humanity.

The healing properties associated with DHT will make it desirable for the general population (except pregnant women) for managing common ailments like cold and catarrh.

The antioxidant properties of DHT make it suitable for people who want to strengthen the body’s immune system to combat endemic ailments like malaria and prevent the occurrence of life-threatening diseases like cancers.

DHT is very suitable for the elderly and those who have chronic health conditions.

As a good source of anti-oxidants, DHT has a lot of benefits to offer humanity. These anti-oxidants supplied our African forebears with the energy with which they carried out tedious assignments while remaining youthful over time.

Individuals with Chronic Health conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, HIV, Sickle Cell Disease; benefit from long term utilization of Dibandu Herbal Tea.

People who are always on the move are exposed to extra stressful situations that make DHT invaluable for maintaining a healthy existence.

Dibandu Herbals is a Registered Trade Mark, with Registered Trade Mark No.: NG/T/2015/3363.

Dibandu Herbal Tea was registered with the National Agency Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) with No: A7-2604L.

Benefits of Constituents of Dibandu Herbal Tea

The constituent herbs in Dibandu Herbal Tea were carefully and specially selected for their individual benefits and collective synergism which make DHT a perfect drink for everyone who desires a disease-free life.

The Benefits of the Constituent Herbs are Summarized

Moringa oleifera

Eliminates constipation.

Normalizes blood sugar.

Heals Ulcers and reduces risk of ulcer.

Increases mental clarity.

Reduces wrinkles and age lines.

Normalizes blood pressure.

Strengthens immune system.

Gongronema latifolium (Utazi)

Acts as a fast relief for catarrh, congested chest, running nose and cough.

Lowers blood sugar levels.

Regulates high blood pressure.

Cleanses the liver.

Found to be very useful in the management of diseases related to the kidneys.

Serves as a good cleanser.

Piper guineense (Uziza)

Highly beneficial for treating intestinal disorders such as diarrhoea and dysentery.

Heals wounds and inflammation of mucous membrane.

Stimulates digestion.

Possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Xylopia aethiopica (Uda)

Wide range of biological activities.

Anti-tumor (cancer).


Anti-inflammatory agent.

Antimicrobial agent.

Reduces blood pressure.

Has coronary vasodilatory effects.

Special Consideration

Pregnant women are the only ones excluded from consuming DHT because of the presence of Xylopia aethiopica (Uda).

Uda is known to stimulate the muscles of the uterine walls and are capable of causing premature contractions of the uterine wall muscles when taken in high doses.

Whereas Uda is an indispensable herb for the management of Post Partum care due to its ability to assist in the healing of the uterus after child birth, it could cause undesired effect if taken in high doses during pregnancy.

The concentration of Uda in DHT is so low that it is not likely to cause any harm during pregnancy.

Should not be used in pregnancy to ensure that the best of the benefits of DHT are utilized without exposing anyone to any form of side effects that could result from its use.

Presentation of DHT

DHT is currently presented in a plastic cup with a net weight of 45g.

This first packaging of DHT is to ensure that customers can easily utilize the product as tea and as food additive since it is served with a spoon.

This packaging will ensure that in the future, those who desire can maintain the use of the product as food even when the tea bags are available.

This will also serve to introduce this special blend of the African flavours to the herbal market.

Use as Tea

Boil fresh water in a kettle, place one teaspoon of Dibandu Herbal Tea in a cup. Pour water into the cup. Allow the tea to brew for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy a fresh cup of Herbal Tea Hot or cold either sieved or taken directly. Honey could be added for those who desire a sweetened blend.

Use as Soup Mix

When preparing soups, Dibandu Soup Mix adorns it with a rich African flavour. It can also be added to already prepared food before eating. Prolonged heating destabilizes the active ingredients.

Benefits of DHT

Dibandu Herbal Tea offers you the opportunity to make your food serve as your medicine as the constituent herbs have been selected and combined based on their intrinsic potentials to enhance human health.

DHT offers relief in acute respiratory tract infections and fevers associated with malaria and other infectious diseases.

In the management of Chronic situations like Diabetes Mellitus, Circulatory Disorders and disabilities related to Aging, DHT offers long term benefits.

It enhances the immune system by combating free radicals in the body and regulating the normal functioning of the body’s organs.