Causes of Diseases

Energy imbalance which results from:

Physical exertion and lack of adequate rest.

Thought process that leads to stress, which has been known to depress the immune system and result in disease conditions of various types and severity.      

Wrong eating habits and inappropriate diet which introduces free radicals into the system.

Lack of appropriate nutrients in a diet and poor availability of micronutrients required to counteract the free radicals.

Creating Anesthetic Effect (e.g. Tooth Ache)

Continued application of pressure on the tip of a finger which represents an aching tooth will create an anaesthetic effect on the aching tooth when pressure is applied for more than three minutes.

Managing Common Cold and Cough

Treat all points 2 times daily

Image of the points

Treat points 1 to 7, 30 and 34 repeatedly.

Take Health Drinks with Ginger and Utazi 2 times daily or chew Utazi leaves, about 5 leaves 3 times daily.

Take lukewarm water liberally to replace fluid loss.

Management of Fevers

Use cloth pegs to create pressure on points 1 to 7

Use rubber band to tie points 34 as shown

Keep them for 5 to 10 minutes

Repeat every 3 minutes if fever continues

In case of malaria, apply pressure to point 37

Take Health Drinks made from the leaves of utazi, Uziza, and moringa, 1 glass cup 2 times daily

Take water liberally to replace lost fluid