• Weight gain could be a challenge when it begins to interfere with the physiological and, or emotional wellbeing of the individual
  • Natural methods have been known to help individuals who desire to loss or maintain their desired weight
  • Cheap and easy to learn processes like breathing exercise has helped many control undesired health conditions
  • Key requirements for the individual who wants to use Natural methods for weight control are: Discipline; Consistency; and Alteration of habits
  • Food intake is one basic factor that controls weight; control over what one eats is very important
  • An advantage derived from the Natural process of weight control is that it helps the individual to understand the human body better and deeper


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  • Acupressure and Yoga are known to assist the individual practitioner to gain a deeper understanding of self which is a key requirement in attaining the Mind and Body Balance which is very relevant for maintaining a healthy existence.
  • The Ayurvedic and Chinese systems have ‘mapped’ the Energy  flow in the human body and with it have developed Acupressure/Acupuncture as therapies that have effect on the different organs and systems of the body while applying pressure to external body parts
  • Acupressure has been used for generations to manage disease conditions as well as improve well being
  • With acupressure therapy you can attain the weight you desire and maintain it
  • There are no known side effects to Acupressure therapy


  • For Weight loss, there are 8 Points (or 13 depending on how it is counted) principal acupressure points which when massaged daily leads to weight loss by improving the functioning of the relevant organs and systems in the body responsible for effective metabolism
  • The points have been named for convenience; each point has its name/label based on Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Systems
  • Apart from the Acupressure points in the Centre of the body which are massaged as one point; for those on both sides of the body, the two points should be massaged
  • Pressure should be applied to each point by pressing the point for about 60 seconds with and interval of 10 seconds for four times during a session and repeated for at least 3 times a day
  • The points are: Ear Points; Palate Point; Breastbone; Abdomen Point 1; Abdomen 2; Elbow Points; Knee Points; and Ankle Points

Ear Point

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  • This point is located in front of the triangular flap of each ear. To apply pressure, place your forefinger on the point, support your hand with the jaw and apply pressure; by opening and closing your mouth increase the pressure on the point can be modulated.
  • This point moves most when the mouth is opened and closed to emphasis its relationship with food.
  • This point is best point to emphasis on when food control in the necessary measure for weight loss as it helps the individual control the want for food.

Palate Point

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  • This point also helps in the control of appetite which is a major cause of weight gain
  • The point is located above the palate; between the nose and the upper lip

Breastbone Point

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  • This point is located below the breast bone, in the middle of the body
  • This represents a major point in the body where Energy is exchanged between the Universe and the Individual
  • This point helps to create balance between the physical body and the higher aspects of man
  • When the adverse eating habits result Emotional and psychological imbalance; this point could be very helpful

Abdomen Point 1 (Abdominal Sorrow Point)

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  • This point is located on both sides of the body, below the lowest rib. There are two of them, one both sides.
  • Applying pressure on the points aid digestion and other abdominal metabolic processes
  • The point is located by drawing a straight line from the lobe of the ear to the lowest point on the rib cage; right beneath that cage is the point
  • Applying pressure on this point helps to relieve indigestion

Abdomen Point 2

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  • This point is one and is located directly below the belly button; 2 fingers (about 3cm) below the button
  • Apart from this point, the area under the belly button are known to have other points which are relevant for activating the Energy flow in the body
  • Pressure applied to this point and the area around it is done with two fingers which are rotated in circles to ensure deep penetration of the massage
  • This point also helps the metabolic processes of the abdominal organs/systems and relieves indigestion

Elbow Point

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  • This point is located on the outer side of the arm, just around the crease of the flexed elbow
  • This point works on the small and large intestines; ensuring effective utilization of the consumed food and emptying of those which are not required by the body

Knee Point

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  • This point is located 2 inches below the kneecap on the outer side of the leg; around the point where the muscles of the calf are fused to the bone
  • The forefinger is ideal for applying pressure on this point
  • This point supports the effective functioning of the Stomach that receives the food eaten

Ankle Point

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  • This point is located about 2 inches above the ankle; on the inner side of the leg; and behind the inner projecting bone on the ankle.
  • Pressure is most effective when applied with the thumb at this point
  • This point supports the management of fluids in the body and ensuring their balance.


  • Use at least three points each day and be consistent for better results. one who is constrained to using a few points should concentrate on the Ear and Palate points.
  • Avoid points that make you uncomfortable until your are able to understand your body
  • Observe and learn your body to understand the points that assist you best for the result you desire
  • When combined with Water therapy acupressure provides quick result for weight loss and maintenance
  • Dibandu Herbal Tea (DHT), taken as Tonic, Tea twice daily is assured of better results, since DHT helps the entire body metabolic system thereby enhancing the positive effects of acupressure.