In Ayurveda; it is postulated that the length of an individual’s life is measured by the number of breaths he takes; meaning that if she is able to slow down the rate of breathing, she at the same time prolongs the time she will live.

The association between breathing and the mind is so strong that the mind stands still once the individual’s attention is on her breathing

Observing the New Born breathe gives one an insight into how Deep breathing could be the Natural method meant for man to breathe since the child is still uncorrupted and closer to the basic Universal Knowledge.  

Deep breathing; also called diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing is a method of breathing where the diaphragm is utilized. The diaphragm relaxes during inhalation and the abdomen is allowed to expand to accommodate the increased air that has been taken into the expanded lungs.

During deep breathing the air taken in is made to fill the entire lung space thereby allowing maximum exposure to and utilization of the required oxygen in the air.

The air taken in is made to stay in the lungs as much as possible (most people count up to 10) before exhaling. The increased availability of the required Oxygen contributes to an optimal acid-base balance in the body which is essential for a healthy Immune System.

The process of concentrating on the breath tames the ‘monkey’ mind of man; while the increased exchange of the gases between the body and external environment has been associated with many benefits.

The calming of the mind related with deep breathing serves in the management of Stress related disease situations; and Hypertension. Deep breathing is known to reduce the heart rate.   

Exercising the diaphragm (and all the muscles related to breathing) is known to improve the health of those with both acute and chronic pulmonary (lung) diseases; this advantage is highly beneficial for those who suffer from Asthma.

With deep breathing, all muscles related to breathing are exercised making it very helpful for those who sing and those who play Wind Musical Instruments.

According to, deep breathing ‘is known to help manage the symptoms of conditions as wide-ranging as irritable bowel syndromedepression and anxiety, and sleeplessness’.  

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