Breathing for Life


The lungs and the respiratory system play vital roles in maintaining health like the other systems of the body. As the system responsible for the exchange of most of the air component of the human body between the body and the universe, it plays a vital role by ensuring an exchange that enhances the body’s opportunity to be healthy.

Outdoor games and exercises help in the expansion of the lungs which is essential for effective interaction between the internal and the external environment of the body, Breathing Exercise is akin to outdoor exercises by the measure of their impact on the lungs. It can be conducted while sitting upright, lying down, walking, doing acupressure or any comfortable position but should be on empty stomach; to allow for the free flow of energy which is necessary for wellbeing. 

Different forms of Breathing Exercises exist for different health situations.

While undertaking breathing exercise, the energy transmitted through the body during the inhalation and exhalation process can be channelled to enhance the energy and healing situation at those organs and systems that require support.

Simple Exercises

A. The Easy Way

Inhale air counting 1-2-3-4…..

Keep the air counting 1-2-3-4…..

Then exhale counting 1-2-3-4…..

Pause (don’t inhale) counting 1-2-3-4…..

Repeat this 10 to 15 times.

Do this exercise 4 to 10 times daily.

Work to increase the number that is counted each time for the different parts of the exercise until you attain a ration of 10:20:10:10.

Meditating on Breathing Exercise is known to effectively decrease stress and control Hypertension.

B. Ling Mudra

Joining both palms by locking the fingers while keeping the thumb of the left hand vertically straight and encircled with the index finger of the right hand is called the Ling Mudra.


Performing this Mudra while undergoing breathing exercise as described above has the highest benefits:

It increases the body’s resistance against cold and respiratory tract infections, through the harmonization of the body’s internal system with the external environment.

It creates heat in the body to burn up accumulated fat, by the activities of the respiratory muscle which also serves to stimulate all the other muscles of the body.

To increase the heat in the body in case of cold weather:

Close the left nostril, and inhale and exhale through the right nostril while counting and managing the breathing as above.

To reduce the heat in the body and reduce body temperature:

Close the right nostril, and inhale and exhale through the left nostril.

To balance the heat of the body under different situations:

Inhale through the right nostril and exhale from the left nostril and then inhale from the left and exhale from the right nostril.

Pulling the stomach in during the period when air is retained leads to tummy size’s reduction.

Contracting the muscles of the Pelvic Floor with conducting breathing exercises helps to strengthen the floor and improves:

Bladder functions.

Management of pain related to and the long term management of haemorrhoids and piles.

Improves sexual functions in both males and females.